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Hi Ladies! I'm wondering if anyone did or currently does have an infant in EI Speech Therapy? DS is eight months and starts on Thursday - I'm nervous for his evaluation but excited to hopefully see some quick progress. I'm also very curious to see what kinds of activities they do with children so young.

Any experiences you'd like to share are welcome!! Thanks!! 



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  • It's not much, but heres what I've got...

    I've known two moms who had kids under 1 in speech. They both said the same thing separately from each other; "It doesn't seem like they do much. It seems like they just play." Both moms were concerned th

  • My daughter started at two months because of her hearing loss. They did do a lot of play at first, but when it was time to really get into the therapy she was comfortable with the therapist and knew what was expected of her. I think her therapy sessions h
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  • My DD isn't getting speech therapy, but she does get EI to make sure she's generally on track with her development.  She has spina bifida, which automatically qualified her for EI due to her dx.  So they touch on a lot of things, like speech,

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  • Was your youngest born with a cleft lip/palate? I think I remember you PMing me about a year or so ago about it. My son is just starting speech therapy at almost 2. He's hardly talking at this point but he babbles a lot. Don't really have much experience
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    Was your youngest born with a cleft lip/palate? I think I remember you PMing me about a year or so ago about it


  • Thanks ladies!! I am apprehensive about starting him so early - like whether or not it will actually make a difference. But I guess we'll give it a few weeks and see how it goes. 


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    My oldest started EI once he was born due to his cleft lip and palate. But the early months was just helping him with ot and then once his palate was repaired the slp started with getting him to make more sounds. So between 8 to 12 months was focused on w
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