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**UPDATE** Twins arriving today!

Update: The twins arrived yesterday afternoon and are doing pretty good for being 31 weeks. They were 3lbs. 14oz and 3lbs. 15 oz. They had to be intubated late last night but by this morning, my little girl was already off and just on regular oxygen. Thanks for all your positive thoughts and prayers! :)


Hey everyone I don't post here too often but I read posts daily. I've been in the hospital for a week after my last appt when the doc noticed that I was 23 cm dilated with membranes showing. My water broke on Saturday and today they are going to deliver the twins via csection. They are 31 weeks 3 days. They tested the amniotic fluid that's still leaking yesterday and one of the two tests came back positive saying lungs were developed. They say the that delivering them now is better than leaving them inside. The NICU team is ready to go this afternoon. I'll update later. Kristi

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Re: **UPDATE** Twins arriving today!

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