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DD hates baths. Hates. I bathe once or twice a week in the cold weather as I'm not much of a sweater. I'd like to bathe her at least once a week but she hates it so much, I've only ever given her three baths in her lifetime (with sponge bathes in between). Its about to get hot and both of us will need to bathe more often.

Just now I was in the shower and DD was in her chair in the bathroom with me. I was contemplating getting her in there with me after I finished washing my hair when she began to cry. I knew it was her diaper so I took it off and brought her in with me.

She liked it!!!! And it was way more convenient than her baby bath. She was a little slippery with the soap on her, but ultimately not as slippery as I expected and she was actually easy to handle. I'm sold on showering with your baby!

She still hated being cold on exiting the shower though. And she peed on her robe. Oh, well. Tomorrow is laundry day. 

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  • I have the same problem and I've really been wanting to do it but I'm afraid I'll drop her or slip in the shower.  Also I love my showers HOT--like I only use hot water HOT.  How do you regulate the water temp so its not too hot for LO?
  • @marionravenwood I've been trying to take my hot shower and then a cold rinse because cold showers are better for your skin. The heat loosens your skin and relaxes it and the cold tightens. So, I've been doing it that way for a month now. After

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  • I've been having the same problem with DD: she hates her little tub, so I would do baths with her. The water gets cold too quickly and a trickle of hot water wasn't enough to keep us warm. And mom didn't think hard enough to get a space heater for the

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  • I shower with our guys as well.  Although on nights I am alone I have to alternate who gets a shower with me as I can't hold both in the shower.  I bring their bouncer into the bathroom with my towel, their towel and one right out of the drye

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  • We shower together too. The bathtub baths were just too hard on us both. I actually have a little bench in our shower so after I am done showering, I grab Everett and then sit on the bench and get him all clean. He likes it a lot better than the tub becau


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  • You can make a sling out of mesh fabric and wear her in the shower or pool.  That takes some of the slipperiness out of the equation.

    I also stitched some ribbon on to a couple of bath towels and I wear them kind of like an apron/smock when

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  • I'm amazed at you shower sharers. I want to try it, but I'm chicken. I'd feel more comfortable if I had someone to hand him to me and take him back once clean. Maybe I'll brave it later this week anyway...
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