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Our dog attacked DS last week...

I?ll start by saying that Cooper is ok!


A little back story?.Bruno bit two people when he was 2 years old and since then we made arrangements so that he is never around people he doesn?t know. My parents live two houses down and really stepped in to help us after he bit the second person. My Dad cared for Bruno daily while we were at work or had company over so that Bruno didn?t have to be around people he didn?t know. We obviously didn?t want to chance that again! When Cooper was born we were naturally nervous and cautious of their interaction. We?ve never left them in the room alone or let him get close without supervision. He was doing great! Over the last 7 months we had been less and less worried and started to slowly let Bruno get closer. Since Cooper was 4 months I would say, they became best friends! Bruno is the type of dog that once you?re his friend, you?re his friend. Or so we thought?.They would lay next to each (still being supervised of course) play together and Bruno would even try to get Cooper to rub his belly. Last Thursday I had left Cooper and Bruno at my parents to run some errands. Cooper was playing on the floor with my Mom and Bruno was lying across from them. Cooper stopped what he was doing, looked at Bruno and smiled at him. There was something about it that Bruno obviously didn?t like so he jumped up and lunged at him. Hackles up, growling he went straight for Coopers face. I have no idea how, but Cooper was smart enough to flip his body down and roll to his stomach. My Mom couldn?t hold Bruno back in a sitting position so she jumped up and it took all she could to pull Bruno off of him. He?s about 75 lbs. She was sure Coopers face had been ripped off. She said that Cooper couldn?t catch his breath, he was so scared. At that point she was so grateful that he was ok! She checked him from head to toe and didn?t see any actual bite marks. We put Bruno to sleep the next morning. After two blood drawing attacks then this, we couldn?t chance it again. I would never live with myself if my son got attacked again and severely injured. It?s been so hard though, as we all loved Bruno so much. He had some amazing qualities but he couldn?t control his aggression. So, this is why I?ve kind of been MIA since last week. I worried a little bit about being flamed for putting him down and it?s taken me a while to actually type this out. I?ve started this thread 10 times it seems but it?s been so hard to actually talk about it. Just glad Cooper is ok! Sorry to post and run but I?m on my ipad and getting ready to go into a meeting!



Cooper Edward



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