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CP: What does your LO eat at a restaurant?

While out for lunch this weekend, we realized we don't get a full meal anymore since L eats so much of it.  I looked at the kids menu and realized it was the same price as what I had just ordered!  What's your strategy when you go out to eat?
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Re: CP: What does your LO eat at a restaurant?

  • Most the time the two kids can share a kids meal but depending upon where we go we'll get them each their own meal.
  • Up until about 12 months we would pack something.  Once she hit a year we relaxed a lot about food and now she gets her own little thing.
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  • I ordered for DS off the kids menu before, but I feel like the food you get is so overpriced! I paid $4.99 for a bowl of Kraft mac&cheese at a local restaurant and it's usually 10 for $10 at the Acme near my house.  Now, I order something for mys



  • For some time I would just order food for me that would be suitable for him to eat as well.  Well, like you, I realized that he was eating enough of my food and I wanted "more"(totally selfish on my part).  So, I started just ordering him a kids

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  • I usally order her a side then give her some protein off my plate. The kids meals are ridiculously priced in my opinion and the variety is lacking. Kids these days are much more adventurous when it comes to food. Why can't they just offer kids sized por
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  • We order her side items- usually veggies. We'll order her something off the kids menu if they have something she'll eat like ravioli.  She won't eat stuff like chicken fingers.  We'll also give her bites of whatever we order.
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  • We get Lauren her own meal. Ryan is extremely picky so we order him his own thing too but not usually a whole meal (he won't eat it).
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  • I picked SS because it was pretty much a combo of all of these things!  I keep puffs with us to entertain him before the food arrives.  I generally either share my meal or order him something off of the normal menu.  I almost never use the
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  • A little bit of everything, depending on where we go and what we order for ourselves. I usually pack a pouch and some fruits or veggies to make sure she gets something healthy in case the restaurants food isn't healthy.
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  • We usually bring a snack to eat while we wait for the food to arrive, but Sky would have a royal fit if she didn't eat some of our food.  Usually I order her something off the kids menu like a pasta or grilled cheese and add avocado if they have i

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  • It depends on the restaurant, but usually we just order a lot of food and then she shares. Like we'll get two entrees and an appetizer even if it's lunchtime, which is more than we would normally order.

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  • I picked *ss because we do all of the above. Sometimes we will share our food, sometimes he will get some of our food and some side items, like fruit or veggies. Sometimes (like if we go to Disney and I have no idea where or what we will be eating) I will

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  • We do all of the above. It depends on the restaurant and on the time of day. We always bring a healthy snack along just in case they are super busy.
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  • image kristin172429:
    I picked SS because it was pretty much a combo of all of these things! 

    Same her

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  • Ava usually gets her own kids meal but we have only been to places where a kids meal was like $3 or $4, if it was the same price as our meals, or close, I would have her eat off of my plate.
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  • I picked SS because it depends where we go. Most of the time we get him his own, but sometimes I get something we can share (keeps me from eating too much).
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  • I picked that I get a kids meal - but that's not always true. If there is a healthy option (i.e. not chicken fingers and fries) I'll get him a kids meal but if not, I'll order him his own smaller portioned meal.
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  • Depends on the restaurant, but it's normally a mix. At a couple of places we go, there's stuff she can/will eat on the kids menu (she still only has 4 teeth and hasn't figured out spoons yet) and she'll have that. Most other times, it's a mix of spoonfuls
  • I clicked SS because we do both- Pack and let him have some of ours. We never order him his own because he eats such little amounts.

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  • We pack him his own and give him bites from ours. Whatever we can do to keep him happy. He wouldn't eat very much if we bought him his own, it would be a waste of money. Honestly, it's pretty much awful bringing him to a restaurant so we don't do it often
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  • Our older son gets a child's meal and we often give the baby some of our plate or some of his brother's depends on where we are.  I won't order something for the baby because he won't eat an entire meal by himself.  We've never been anywhere tha
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