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I've officially been cleared by my doc to have sexy time with my husband, and I'm on the mini pill. That aside, I'm terrified to have sex again. Not because I don't want to, but because I'm scared of getting pregnant again! I'd freak the eff out. Seriously. Anyone else in the same boat?
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Re: Sex?!

  • Ha! Yes, but not bc I am afraid to get preggers again. I am afraid it won't feel the same. Its hard to find time right now as well bc we are both so tired!! Ask hiim to pull out so you don't worry. :)
  • I'm not cleared yet, still a few weeks to go but I know I DO NOT want to get pregnant again for at least the next 2 years.  Hubby is on board to use condoms until I stop BFing (only planning to go until LO is 3 months but depending on how pumping goe
  • I just got the all clear this morning! I'm scared that I'm not going to enjoy it like I used to bc of dryness, hormones, and my "new" body.

    I am 27, DH is 34. We have been married since January 17,2009. FIANLLY pg with #1.TTC since May 2007 I have a unicornuate uterus, and YES that means I pee glitter ;)
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  • I'm totally with you!  I even had trouble getting pregnant and so know in the back of my mind it would HIGHLY unlikely for me to randomly get pregnant but STILL!  I am definitely not ready for a surprise #2.  
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  • image doozer1345:
    I just got the all clear this morning! I'm scared that I'm not going to enjoy it like I used to bc of dryness, hor
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  • Since I am trying to EBF and did NFP before we TTC, I am getting an IUD on Thursday. I do not want any surprises in the next year. :)
  • Going today for my follow up! I got pregnant before my period returned from having DS last year, not taking any chances this time. I do not need 3 under 3.
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  • We got our bfp on month 1 of trying for both kids!!!  So, yeah, I'm nervous about getting KU'd!!!  I haven't been cleared yet but until DH decides to get "the big V", he's just gonna have to deal with it if we end up having a 3rd ;)
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  • Yes, exactly this. One baby is all I can handle right now :
  • Yes I'm scared to get KU, and we use condoms :/ I don't like the hormones from BC, but I've never really worried about getting KU in the past. Now I am! I'm also afraid it's gonna hurt, and that DH won't find my new body sexy :(
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  • I'm in this boat as well, for pretty much every reason listed above : we were ttc for 3 years and it still managed to be a surprise when I did get my bfp...with my crazy cycles I've never really worried about getting pregnant especially considering how ha
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  • I'm scared too. I'm worried it's going to hurt...
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  • That's what happened to me. I had Francesca last year, and a month later got pregnant with Henry. I wanted to faint when the lab tech that drew my blood told me. Henry was more than wanted, but a surprise for sure. GL. 


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