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Sleeping on chest

Moms with LOs that would only sleep on mom or dads chest... How long did you have to do this? Our almost 4week old has been so inconsistent when it comes to sleep. When we first came home, SO and I took turns letting her sleep on our chest. Then we were able to get her to sleep a couple of hours in the rnp. Now the last few nights, she's back to only wanting to sleep on our chests. If we put her in the rnp, she's up minutes later and she's been swaddled. Now that DH has gone back to work, I'm mostly the one getting up with her and I'm not getting much sleep at all!! It's really tough. I'm worried we won't be able to transition her back to the rnp or even the crib at some point. Any advice??
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Re: Sleeping on chest

  • My LO is a chest sleeper at night and really good about sleeping during the day. The past week though it seems like she will not sleep at all unless its on me. She is 5 weeks now. Sorry I guess I dont have good advice, hopefully someone else will :) I hav
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  • So my LO has the same issue and call me a horrible mom, but I let him sleep on his stomach.  I have nothing else in the crib (except a small blanket, that I tuck in so it can't move with him.  We have been doing tummy time from day 3 and he
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  • We did this at first until we found what she liked to sleep in. My LO likes to sleep in her swing. We also (I know it's bad) let her sleep in the bed some nights next to me facing me while on an incline on a body pillow. We put the swing next to my side o

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  • :( Having the same problem. First week and a half he would sleep anywhere but now it has been a whole week of us giving up and taking shifts at night with him on our chests. Except now SO is back to work, I'm so tired. I keep trying to lay him down, I

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  • Oh I'm so glad I'm not the only one..she slept in her rnp for 2 weeks but the past few days only wants to be on my chest..I'm so tired I am never comfortable.. does it get better?
  • This is around the time my LO decided it was the sling, me or no naps.  I think they use become more aware of their surroundings and realize if they are uncomfortable or not. She sleeps decent in the crib at night but she is very restless a lot of th
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  • DS is now 3 weeks and two days and sleeps just about anywhere - he goes through parts of the day where he just wants to be held though.  The first week and a half it seemed like he only slept on hubby's chest.  He did do well with the swing -

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  • With my first, I did it for about 4 lonnnngg months.

    This one loves to sleep on my chest during the day [which I don't mind] but he sleeps on his tummy at night which works for us. He sleeps 7 to 8 hour stretches, waking up only once.


  • We went through this at around 4 weeks and had to play around to see what worked. First, our LO does better in a sleep sack than a swaddle since he started kicking his way out of the blanket within minutes and was then waking himself from getting startle
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