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Does anyone still use the movement portion of their monitor? I feel like its time to stop because DD is moving so much and night and its always going off.. but its like my mama safety blanket. Has anyone else stopped?
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Re: Angel Care

  • I never used it. By the time I put Jack in his crib, he was 6 1/2 months old. (Before that, he slept in RNP or PNP right next to my bed). By that time, he was moving all over and I know he would never have stayed on it and it would've been going off constantly.
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  • I have one.. I'm no where near ready to turn the page on it yet. I love it :) It's definitely my security blanket at night and I'm ok with that.  I may give it up when she turns one but then again I may keep it on til we switch to the toddler bed..... Not sure yet
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  • I'm not ready to give it up yet. When I wake up in the middle of the  night and he is sleeping so soundly, instead of going in to check on him, I just see that the little pendulum is swinging back and forth and I go back to sleep myself. And for those jem of a mornings when he sleeps in until 9am (rare I know) instead of flying out of bed like I'm strapped with rockets, I see it swinging and know he is ok.

    Probably will turn it off when we switch to a toddler bed. Until then, it is peace of mind for me. :)

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  • We stopped a long time ago. DS rolls all over his crib and likes to sleep in various corners. Apparently the sensor can't pick up his breathing when he's snuggled in the corner so it goes off.
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  • I still use it, but when it alarms, I turn it off if I can see DD is anywhere close to the ends of the crib.  I'd stop using it, but DH is pretty insistant that I turn it on every night.

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