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Struggling for balance

DS fights his naps. I can't seem to find anything that works consistently. He will spend a whole day fighting naps to the point that one day he only slept maybe 30 minutes total each nap for 3 naps during the day. The next day, he was so very cranky and just slept and slept and slept it was ridiculous. Of course, after all that catch up, the next day he was back to fighting naps again. 

He sleeps wonderful at night, but I just wish we could find some balance with his naps. It doesn't matter where we are or what/how we do them. They can be in his swing, in my arms, his crib, walking somewhere, he always falls asleep for 30 minutes then wakes up and takes another 20 to fall back asleep (if he does ever fall back asleep). And yes, I have tried recreating his night time sleep. White noise and darkness.... We have even tried a small cloth over his eyes. I dread how his sleep will go once summer hits and daylight is extended. 

We swaddle for naps, arms in and all, but I want to start getting his arms out and his naps are bad enough as it is... Does anyone have any advice?  We just really need some balance here.  

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Re: Struggling for balance

  • khazekhaze
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    My LO is doing the same thing except he doesn't ever seem to make it up the next day. The pedi said maybe he is overtired so we should try putting him down earlier. Haven't had luck with that.

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  • are you putting him down at the first sign of sleepiness? When ours fight naps it can be because we waited too long to put them down and now they are over stimulated.

    Babies have a natural little alarm clock that goes off around 30 to 45 mi
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  • Same here.  LO2 is just like LO1 was.  We called him "No Nap Nate" starting about 2 months old and now I guess we also have a "No Nap Caleb".  I told my DH last night I was really hoping the second kid wouldn't have the sleep issues of t

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  • image 2moms2b:
    are you putting him down at the first sign of sleepiness? When ours fight naps it can be because we waited too long
  • It sounds like maybe you're catching him after he gets overtired.  Some babies fight sleep at that point.  Have you tried putting him down for naps before he shows signs of tiredness.

    Also, what about letting him nap in a carrier. 

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    are you putting him down at the first sign of sleepiness? When ours fight naps it can be because we waited too long


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  • DD is having the same problems.  We get 20-30 minutes max 3 times a day. The only thing that works?  The car. Every time I drive her somewhere she's out for up to 5 hours! I just leave her in the car seat and place it by me so I can keep an eye
  • At this age babies have awake times of 45 min - 1 1/2 hours each, after which time they need to nap or else they will be overstimulated and overly tired. With my DD I watch the clock and if she's been up for an hour I start rocking her
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  • We're in the same boat here too. This kid fights sleep like its her job.

    LO has never once fallen asleep on her own. I can only feed her to sleep or rock and put her down when she's in a deep sleep which takes quite some time and she often w
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