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Was not expecting this - induction

We went in to get a fetal biophysical profile and NST today. The ultrasound looked good, fluid levels are good and so were his kidneys. Then I went over for the NST. My baby does not move during the day, mostly at night, so I told them I may not feel him move. His heart rate was normal and accelerating just fine, but then it dipped low. The nurse said she was calling in my midwife and sending me up to L&D. She said "they may want to induce you tonight!"

we get up to L&D and get strapped to the monitors again. Again, was not feeling him move much, but his heart was doing just fine. I was having braxton hicks every 9 minutes (which I have had basically this whole pregnancy - BH all day long). My midwife came in and checked me - my cervix was CLOSED FOR BUSINESS!! She knew I did not want an induction, but said this baby was most likely not coming on his own. If I was dilated some, it would have been a different story, but my cervix was closed and she could not feel his head. My cervix basically has not changed this whole month.

So now I am on the induction list, waiting for the phone call either tomorrow or wednesday to start cervidil. I will get the cervidil put in, monitored for an hour, and then I will be able to go home if it looks okay.

Here I thought I'd still be waiting another week or so!! 

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Re: Was not expecting this - induction

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