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BM bottles

I've been a nazi about how much my DD is allowed to have when I am gone as at first my DH was stuffing her with BM when I was gone. I was having a hard time keeping up with her consumption of milk as I don't seem to be able to pump out nearly as much as she would take if given.
How much are your babies taking a day? She's getting 4 to 5 oz bottles every 3 hours and that is adding up to about 23 to 25 ozs a day. I'm a flight attendant so she doesn't get to nurse at night when I'm working so it's a bit different from the norm. There is no reverse cycling happening. She's 5.5 months, and her weight gain has really slowed down. She doesn't appear to be overly hungry after a period of time has passed and her brain registers that her tummy is full finally. But when she gets her bottle apparently she slurps it down and cries for more. I've not seen it in action, but that is what my DH tells me and my mom. I don't want my baby to he hungry, but I've been a nazi because I was convinced my DH was over feeding her giving her a 5 to 6 oz bottle of BM at 4 months. Sometimes when I pump I only get 2 ozs. :S I know pumping isn't a good indicator of supply and she doesn't cry after nursing when I'm home, but I don't know how much she gets when she's nursing.
Help. I'm all insecure and doubting myself.
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Re: BM bottles

  • I only occasionally pump, but is amazing for breast feeding and breast milk information.  I also worry about how much DH gives in a bottle because he tends to err on the side of caution and just give 2-3 ounces. 

    Maybe thi

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  • not speaking from anything but gut here but I think she needs a bot more... sammie will take 6 oz in her morning bottle and drink it all down.... then the other bottles are any where from 4 - 6 oz I make them up according to how long shes been between bot



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  • K is drinking 5 to 6 oz these days, every 3ish hours.
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  • I would bet that a 5 to 6 oz bottle should be good. if LO is taking a bottle every three hours through the day then that's probably 5 bottles during the daytime? which would be 25 to 30 oz plus any additional oz for nighttime if LO is up MOTN. I only give
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  • CJ get bottles at daycare. I nurse at 7 he gets 5 oz at 10 (usually drinks 4-5 oz) then another 5 oz at 1 and I nurse at 4 then on demand the rest of the night. He still wakes at 1 and 4 for motn feedings too. We were only giving him 4 ounces but I have u

    our little snow baby
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  • My LO gets two 5.5oz bottles while at daycare. He eats them about 3.5 - 4 hours apart. I definitely don't pump that much. I pump extra times before I go to bed, and after he eats in the morning, just to make him enough. If I didn't get to nurse him in the
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  • Yes, I go to a meeting run by an LC about once a month if it fits in my crazy schedule.
    I am so frustrated. I started back at 3 months and she has gone thru the 120 ozs I had of backup already at 5.5 months. I really didn't want to use formula, but
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