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Supplementing... kind of long

So my LO was born at 7lbs 3oz and had got back up to 7lbs by her two week appt. When we went back for her 8 week appt she had only gained 1 oz! The pediatrician was very confused as she is an extremely happy baby and was wetting about 6-8 diapers a day and pooping about 2 times a day. She had me feed her from each side for 10 minutes and then top her off with formula for the next week to see if she would gain weight doing that and she gained 1lb 5oz. The doctor said that I am producing milk that has very low fat in it (skim milk she called it) and said that I need to continue to supplement. I had never heard of such a thing in my life, has anyone else heard of this? Or could anyone offer me any advice on how (if possible) to increase the amount of fat in your milk? When I pump I only get a very very thin layer of fat that sits on the top in the bottle.

Also... when I pump and DH gives her bottles (breastmilk and formula) she will usually eat around 6 oz. Is this a lot or pretty much in line what other people are seeing?

Thanks so much ladies! 

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Re: Supplementing... kind of long

  • Have you been able to talk to a lactation consultant? Or a Le leche league person? I could be totally wrong about your ped, but I kind of got the impression that the pediatricians at my hospital aren't extensively trained in breastfeeding. One told me

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  • I agree with PP's, try just nursing on one side. It'll help LO get to the good stuff!

    6 oz sounds like kind of a lot for Judy BM, mine doesn't take more than 4 oz at a time at 10 weeks. But iknow that FF babies often take more, so it could b

  • Another one for nursing on just one side.  Nursing for 10 min on each side will pretty much ensure she only gets the foremilk.  You should let her drain the first side completely then offer the second side if she's still hungry.
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  • Agree with pp, just nurse on one side for as long as baby wants to eat.  She may not be getting hindmilk.  Another issue may just be she's not getting enough milk.  You can pump and supplement with breastmilk for a week and see what happ

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