I've got this, REALLY, I've got this

I just need to vent.  It seems that everyone assumes that because I have twins that I must be in over my head stressed out all of the time and in need of constant help.  Perhaps I'm just PMS ing,  because I don't mean to sound ungrateful for all of the help we get, but I'm tired of people coming to my house, staying for weeks at a time and "helping" me.  I really do have this.  Granted, my house isn't always super clean, but my babies are well cared for and happy.  At 6 months, taking care of the boys is really enjoyable, even when DH is out of town for 10 days straight.  I have a mother's helper 15 hours a week, my boys finally STTN (so I'm not sleep deprived) and they are generally happy with our daily routine.  Yet every time DH goes out of town for long periods, HIS family books trips out here to stay with me and the boys.  It's exhausting dealing with house guests all day long who are constantly asking me what they can do to help.  I miss my privacy and the little "me time" I now get after the boys go to bed. MIL has been here for 2 weeks, 10 of those days DH was out of town.  I just want my house and my routine back. Thanks for reading this. 
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Re: I've got this, REALLY, I've got this

  • Ugh. That stinks they don't check with you first to see if you actually want the help. Can DH talk to them about this, that their willingness is appreciated and you're thankful for all the help in the past but that at this age it's easier for you to just
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  • I get it. My DH still says all the time 'do you want my Mom to come help you today' and I am thinking 'No I want the kids to take a nap and I want some quiet time in my own house'. Hang in there!
  • amen to all of it.

    and even if i "don't got this" least when i DO get them to sleep...i want to be ALONE! not entertaining people who want to "help"


    i hear ya. hope mil heads back home soon you can have your house and tim

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  • I would not be too happy.

    Only invited guests stay at my house lol 

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  • I would be super annoyed too! My mom comes by often to help but I'm always the one that calls her....and most of the time it's just so I can have some company bc we have a really good relationship and enjoy hanging out....can totally handle the babies sol
  • Ugh that does stink! Wow with a mothers helper that's great! Wish I had that! Wish I had more relatives visiting for the day but for 10 days is insane!!! Oh I got a cleaning service and its the best thing ever!!!! I recommend it!
  • me CRAZY! My mil used to do the same thing when my DS was a little baby (he is 2 now, so.still a baby) and my dh was deployed. Apparently i.was not secret annoyance, because when she found out i.was.pregnant.with twins she decide
  • Yes! I totally miss my independence. Unfortunately I still need the help. I can't seem to juggle 3 babies and me alone while DH works. Maybe it's me? My babies? I don't know. But I miss me time.
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    Ugh, sorry you're having to deal with this. I believe the same is in my future. First thing both my mom and my MIL said when they heard we are having twins was that we have to get the guest room set up for them. I get along with both but in small doses. D
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  • Thanks for understanding me.  I have talked to DH about some of his family members, but I have to pick my battles and MIL is where I've decided to draw the line and not talk to him about her.  It would really hurt his feelings.  She is a go
    D & R were born at 37w5d.

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  • I totally feel you on this too! My relationship with my parents is really great, and they ask with no motive how and if the they can help out and there's no pressure to accept. From others, I am often told how they plan to help and when they plan to come
  • You're not alone on this. When they were first born we always had people at the house. I was actually relieved when it was just the three of us.
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  • If you don't want them there, I would kindly tell them to stay home or check with you before they book another trip.  If it's important to you, don't expect them to read your mind.

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