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Mother's Day question for BM's

I know I rant on here a bit about BM and I probably come off as a total B, but I try to use this as my method of venting to keep from saying something that is only going to make things worse in our BF. That being said, I would like to take y'alls advice about starting to try and build a relationship with BM. I have zero expectations from her, but maybe if I make a few steps in the right direction, it will pay off. We don't talk on a regular basis, but we do have cordial conversations face to face at pick ups/drop offs. There are 2 other kids living at BM's house (her baby brother and her 8yo niece) that I always send gifts to for birthdays and holidays. The last two years I have also sent a pretty generic gift to BM and her family for Christmas. 


For my birthday this year, DH got me a very nice camera. We are planning on taking a few pictures of SS out in the Blue Bonnets (for those of you not in TX, this is a pretty popular kiddie/family photo op in the spring). I will probably take pictures of all of us and with SS and DH and then of SS by himself. I have learned how to put photos onto canvas, and have the extra supplies at the house already. I thought about picking a good picture of SS by himself and putting it on canvas for BM for Mother's Day, in a bag, with a card from SS (they are fairly easy to make and I would likely have him help me with painting modpodge on it). What do you think? I can't see how this could be an awful gift but I also hope that I am not just missing something huge and offensive. Like I said, we are cordial to each other, and I am sure she complains as much behind my back about me as I do about her, but I am trying to change that situation around some. We plan to take the pictures either way, and will display them in our home, but I thought it would be nice to get a good one of just him for her (he has gorgeous blue eyes- just like hers- and they would look fantastic against the flowers in the background). If I am way over the line here, please let me know. SS isn't much into arts and crafts, but I can always come up with some preschool project for him to do on his own with guidance.


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Re: Mother's Day question for BM's

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