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Family is complete!

Just wanted to check in with my FIRST bmb to let you know our last little man arrived safely today!

We had a planned induction today, which ended up being classified as a precipitous delivery! I have been 3cm dilated for a month, started pitocin at 9am, water broken at 945am, and was only 4cm at 1010am. Then suddenly at 1050am I felt him start just involuntarily coming down and knew I needed to push! My doc wasnt in the hospital, so she was called and got here in about 5 to 10 minutes and I finally got to push! He was out at 11:06am! So a total of 2.5 hours of labor! Yikes! Glad I was in the hospital from the start!

Benjamin weighed 7 lb 6oz. His brothers have been here to meet him and did great with him, so that was a relief!

And I am quite happy for our family to be complete!

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