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Self Care Check-In

Last week's challenge was to get outside.  What did you do?

If you didn't do the challenge last week, what did you do in the realm of self care?

This week's challenge: Slow down.  Stop trying to multi-task.  Spend a week not worry about the laundry (if you can), and do your best to just enjoy the here and now.

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Re: Self Care Check-In

  • Last week, my co-worker and I went for a walk outside around campus. She recently found out she was border line diabetic and I offered to walk with her if she needed someone to go with her.(I also am making an effort to eat with her because she does no

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  • I've been trying to run outside now that the weather is getting nicer.

    I can't slow down this week because we are going on vacation next week, and I'm hosting a bridal shower the weekend after we get back (what the heck was I thinking?). I promis

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