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One year old bumps and bruises

Ok, so can someone let me know which one of these 3 categories we fall into:

1.  The baby is super accident prone.

2.  I don't pay close enough attention.

3.  This is entirely normal.

Anyone else's one year olds seem to hurt themselves multiple times a day?  Within the last few days we've had so many injuries!  First he faceplanted on the mulch on the playground and cut his chin and got a few scratched on his cheek.  Then he was chewing on a plastic toy in the tub and turned quickly and the toy hit the side and caused it to scratch the corner of his mouth.  Then we were rolling around on the bed and he flew into the night table and cut his eyebrow.  Then just a little bit ago he faceplanted in the driveway and skinned his forehead, nose, and upper lip!!!!!

I feel horrible for him but he seems to take it all in stride and is never upset for more than a minute or two.  So which is it????  Is this normal????? 

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Re: One year old bumps and bruises

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