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when are you most swollen?

I've been having major swelling issues for the last 4-6 weeks. My doctor knows about it and my BP has always been fine.

But seriously, it's getting out of control! I have pitting edema up to just below my knees. Gross.

The weird thing is (at least to me) is that I've always heard that one's ankles may get swollen after a long day on your feet, or what have you. And yes, I am quite swollen at night. But it seems that I'm even worse in the morning. Especially lately - I can barely make a fist when I first wake up because my fingers are so tight. I end up w/ nasty carpal tunnel pain in the morning, which gets better throughout the day.

So - am I weird? When are you the most puffy?

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Re: when are you most swollen?

  • my hands hurt most in the morning, my feet look the puffiest at night. I also eat a lot of mini rice cakes (cravings) so that does not help at all. I stopped eating them for a week and my swelling reduced GREATLY!
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  • I've been trying to lay off the fast food and salty cravings and I've found that helps a bit. If I misbehave, my calves will keep me up throbbing early morning (2amish) so I can't get back to sleep. I also pound water like it's my job and sometimes add so
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  • Most my puffiness is in my ankles/legs towards the end of the day and/or when I get home from work before I can put my feet up.  I haven't had a lot of swelling in my hands but sometimes notice that they are tighter in the morning when I wake up.

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  • Haven't had a lot of swelling, but my hands are most puffy in the mornings too. Usually it is the hand on top (so right hand if I'm sleeping on left side) that is most puffy. 
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  • I wake up in the morning with horribly sore feet from swelling. I thought it was very strange too.
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