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Recommend your baby carrier/sling and vitamin D drops

I have a Baby Bjorne and I find it somewhat cumbersome and I think LO hates it.  She's been in it twice nd screamed both times.  I need something that I can quickly scoop her up into. We live in a two story house and sometimes I need to run around to do stuff without carrying her.  Any suggestions?  She's 20 weeks so I'm looking for something I can use for a while, not just doing the NB phase. 

 Also has anyone tried  Baby Ddrops? I want a vitamin D free of artificial colors/flavors and Carlson Labs only makes a D/E combo and the pedi said no E.  Carlson Labs recommended this Canadian company that makes the Baby Ddrops.

Re: Recommend your baby carrier/sling and vitamin D drops

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    i use the ergo and love it. there are multiple positions you can hold baby in as they grow. cant help you on the drops bc I use Tri-Vi Sol which has articial flavors
  • I have a maya ring sling I love! Easy to put on and dd loves it. I was curious why your pedi said no vitamin e? We just started Carson's combo drops and didn't even ask the pedi because she admitted to recommending di visol only because she had no knowl
  • If you're looking for something with a long lifespan I'd go with the Ergo.  It's super comfy, even for carrying a 3 year old.
  • I have a Beco Butterfly 2 that I love.

  • The ergo is a great carrier with a long life.  I love my sling wrap as you can hip carry later and it grows well with LO from what I hear.   I also really like my Mei Tei as I can do a high back carry when working around the house or on a wal

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  • ergo for sure

    Whats wrong with the d/e combo? I didnt think anything was wrong with E? What did your pedi say about it?

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  • image Kristie330:
    I have a maya ring sling I love! Easy to put on and dd loves it. I was curious why your pedi said no vitamin e?
  • I love my boba air. I got it for the summertime and it's working great an lo loves it. Best thing about it is it folds up on its self into a little pouch that weighs under a pound, but with that being said I'm more than likely going to get the boba 3g eve
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    March momma lurker... I'm in Canada and use baby d drops. No complaints about them and its pretty much what everyone I know uses.

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  • I use d drops because it's just d and coconut oil. I've had no issues.

    As for carriers, I use the k'tan and I love it. LO sleeps in it almost everyday. DH likes the ergo.
  • You are looking for Baby Ddrops made by the original manufacturer, Ddrops Company.  They have an all-natural and preservative free liquid vitamin D that only needs 1 drop.  Here is their website: <u id="yui_3_7_2_1_1366739236234_8612" style
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