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Stroller walks

My little guy really doesn't seem to enjoy stroller walks. I thought babies were supposed to love stroller walks. He hates being put in his car seat for some reason (screams bloody murder), then doesn't really settle down once it is hooked to the stroller and walked. For the majority of most walks he is fussing or all out crying, though he sometimes does settle down or sleep too. For this reason, I hate taking him on walks, but my husband, mom and MIL all really like taking him out in the stroller, I think just for getting to push the stroller around the neighborhood and show him off. His crying doesn't seem to bother them as much as it bothers me. My mom just took him on a long walk and I can't even relax and enjoy the me-time because I am envisioning him screaming the whole time. :(

I am hoping this is just a phase and he eventually starts enjoying being in the stroller. It will be a rough summer if not!

 How does your LO feel about stroller walks?

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