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32 weeks and TERRIFIED of labor delivery

Is anyone else experiencing make anxiety and fear about the upcoming birth? Maybe it's because I'm a FTM, or that all my friends love telling their horror stories, but I'm really starting to freak out. I've taken a birth class and almost passed out. I've watched videos and had to turn my head once the baby crowns. I've read books and ended up crossing my legs and feeling so queasy I had to stop reading. I feel like the most sissified woman ever and I don't know how to make myself feel more calm and relaxed. I'm so afraid my labor will be even worse because I can't seem to control my fear and anxiety!

Re: 32 weeks and TERRIFIED of labor delivery

  • Team FTM!
    I'm scared too!
    But I just remind myself that women have been doing this for thousands of years!
    I also force myself to watch videos and its helped me feel better because I feel like I have a better understanding of what's g
  • I've felt that way after all the horror stories... and watching videos. We will be ok.... woman have been doing this for so many years... deep breath!!
  • I would HIGHLY recommend practicing some calming and relaxation techniques right now.  Even if it's just taking time every day with some music you like (or silence, whatever helps you) and doing some really cleansing breathing and focusing on ever

  • I know it seems terrifying now but when your at the end of your pregnancy, uncomfortable and ready to meet your baby things will seem a lot different! You can do this. Your body will do what it needs to do and you'll just roll with it. It will be amazing
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  • I'm a FTM too, and I am definitely anxious. It's hard to know what to expect, since everyone's labor is different (even for each child you may have). I am worried about the pain of course, and if everything will be ok with my baby. I do think that once

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  • THis is my philosophy - why bother stressing over something i have zero control over? At the end of the day, that baby has full control - not us, not the doctors or nurses. Women have been doing it forever without medical intervention and they turned out
  • I don't have much advice as a FTM myself, but I'd probably stop reading, watching and listening to labor stories.

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  • I was so scared my first time. And I did all the work, took childbirth classes, read books, watched videos, everything.

    I will say learning more did help mitigate te anxiety to a degree, but I realyl never was able to let go and trust my body. I

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  • I was scared shiitless about childbirth when I was pregnant with my son. I think all women tell these horror stories for some reason as I didn't have a single friend or relative tell me anything positive about their childbirth experience. I will tell you
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  • Try not to worry too much!  Many, many women have done this before you and many, many more will do it after you!  The way I look at it is, if it were so bad, nobody would do it a 2nd, 3rd, etc. time!  Sure there are horror stories, but t

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  • I was absolutely terrified with my first. Child birth has always been my greatest fear in life.

    I agree with the advice to stop reading, and don't watch any more videos.  As long as you feel educated about the basics of labor and delivery, t

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  • If it makes you feel any better, this is my third child, and those videos still freak me out.  It just doesn't look natural, but look away sweetie and do your job, it will all work out in the end.  Promise.
  • I may be one of few...but I'm not really scared or nervous, I'm more anxious. I think it's because I have NO IDEA what to expect and like PP's have said -- millions of women do it and just look at our prize at the end - we get to hold our baby :) 

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  • No. Honestly, I don't see the point in getting worked up about it.

    When I was a FTM, I just didn't think too much about it. I mean, I knew it was going to hurt, but I also knew that it was something that had to be done, and it'd be over relativel


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  • Try practicing some calming techniques. The last thing you need during labor is to be freaking out and stressed.

    it's really not that bad and I don't know why women like to scare FTMs with their horror stories.  Sure, it gets messy, painful,

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  • image mrshuys:

    I may be one of few...but I'm not really scared or nervous, I'm more anxious. I think it's because I have NO IDEA wha

  • I also don't really get the getting worked up/ super scared perspective 

    You knew when you decided to get pregnant this was part if the deal, that baby has to come out. Just try and keep some perspective - it's over in a short amount of time

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  • image rhazzard:
    Is anyone else experiencing make anxiety and fear about the upcoming birth? Maybe it's because I'm a FTM, or that al
  • Me too. Lots of anxiety. We're hiring a doula, hoping that will help bring everything down to a level of calm. Ginger had some great recommendations. Although I've been trying to practice relaxation, and between my crazy sister and my shower this weekend,
  • STM but listening to women in labor screaming hysterically the other night while I was at the hospital freaked me out and I've already done this before! It's really not as bad as it sounds though and is obviously completely worth it.
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  • I'm not too worried.  I've had major bone surgery as well as kidney stones in the past.  I know that I'm a wimp when it comes to pain, and that any pain at all is automatically a "10" on my scale.  So I just plan on being in lots of pain

  • Terrified and I did this once already.  The first time wasn't even that bad either.  I only pushed for 20 minutes. Those shows (Baby's First Day, etc) are awful!  With DD1 I used to absolutely sob and then call my mom.  Now I still cry
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  • Google "childbirth affirmations", find some you like and repeat them a few times a day.

  • Don't forget that you have a choice. You can choose to be scared and terrified or you can choose to make this experience your own and be excited to meet your LO.

    Those were the thoughts running through my head when my water broke with DD#1. &nbs

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