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What time does your infant go to bed?

Ours is an "early to bed, early to rise" kind of guy, and has been from the beginning. He now goes to bed around 7, feeds around 1, and is up around 5.

In general, I think he's on the right track, but it seems like it will take much longer for him to "sleep through the night" than other babies because he goes to bed earlier. Especially if you define "sleeping through the night" as sleeping straight through from 12-6.


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Re: What time does your infant go to bed?

  • Ours is in bed around 8- up for the day around 8 and feeds at 12:30 and 5.  But still isn't ready to stay up at 5! 

     My first one was similiar and it did take him a little longer to give up the last bottle at 5 or 5:30- probably

  • DH gives DS a bottle of BM around 7:45 then I top him up at the breast just after 8 and he's asleep by 8:30.  He usually sleeps until 5/5:30/6 then goes back to sleep until 8:30/9 then we are up for the day.  Most days I'm up before he is.
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    DH gives DS a bottle of BM around 7:45 then I top him up at the breast just after 8 and he's asleep by 8:30. &nbs
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  • My 6 weeker is a night owl.  Always was in the womb too.  She goes to "bed" at 11pm and is more than happy to sleep until 9am. 

    She sleeps a lot during the day and we are trying to really push or a nap in her crib from about 7-9pm


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    My LO gets a bath and bottle every night starting at 8, so he's usually out by 9 or shortly after.  He'll wake up around 3-4 for a feed, and then up for the day around 8-9.

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  • our little guy's bedtime seems to be around 8 or so. He'll wake for a feeding around 1 and around 4 and then sleep until 7 or 8

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    Right now DS is down between 9-10, usually closer to 9. He wakes up around 2-3 and again around 6-7 and is up for the day. I'm hoping to start moving up his bedtime in the next month or so as long as he doesn't wake up more often to eat.

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  • Our LO seems just really attuned to daylighy vs night. She would crash out at 5 or 6 for awhile...her first time STTM was 5 to 12! However as it stays lighter she seems to push it back. Now it's more like 78, with a wake up around 3 or 4 and then at 6 o
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  • My little guy goes to bed between 10-11 and wakes up at 6:00 on his own then back to sleep till @8:00.  He still sleeps ALOT during the day as well!
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  • Wow after reading this I feel very lucky.  My little man has been STTN for about a month.  He goes to bed anywhere between 6-10 and sleeps until 4-7.
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  • I would love to know how you're getting him to STTN. LO did it once last week (9-5:30) and I got excited. He's so inconsistent with sleep, and he's 11 weeks today, that I feel like he only stretches like that when he hasn't sleep during the day
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