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Not used to forced inactivity!

I have a 24.5 acre farm with horses, goats, ducks, chickens, and geese. I'm used to hauling 50 lb sacks of feed, riding the 4-wheeler both for fun and to check fences and animals and our trails, fixing fences, feeding animals, training and riding my horses, hiking, etc.

I found out I was pregnant on January 31 and my progesterone was low. The first thing out of my doctor's mouth was "No running, no horseback riding, no high impact activities."

This has been like torture! I can't go kayaking on the river we usually go on every year because it is just too dangerous and now I can't ride my horses now that the weather is gorgeous! I just had my riding gelding trained to go bareback with a halter and reins to adjust to a knee injury that makes saddles uncomfortable for me. I was looking forward to getting back up now that the winter nastiness is gone.  I was also going to be able to play softball this summer for the ladies' league I'm in but not going to happen. I won't take that risk.

My family is treating me like I'm made of glass. My husband even asked if a box with some boots was too heavy for me. Really? I laughed at that one. I love that they care enough to be concerned but they're going a little overboard! 

I was put on bed rest for a week and then for two week after that, no exercise. I'm allowed to start slowly walking, but boy do I tire easily! 

I'm just NOT used to this at all.  

Any other ladies chafing at forced inactivity?

Re: Not used to forced inactivity!

  • eyriseyris
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    I haven't had any complications at all and people freak out every time I carry something.

    Seriously, I was carrying a gift into a wedding shower last weekend and someone ran out and snatched it from me.

    I'm also bummed out about missing out

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  • I haven't been on forced bed rest and haven't had nearly the hard time that other ladies have had and I consider myself very lucky. But I AM having a hard time with how limited I am with certain physical things like cleaning my own house. My hips are stil
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  • It wasn't too bad for me until about 18 weeks, but now I am starting to feel much less able to do things and I am in the same boat.  We have an acreage and now the snow is starting to melt but riding is too uncomfortable for me now.  I also was
  • My family thinks any precaution I decide to take is ridiculous. And that women survived pregnancy for years without all this crap.
    however, if they found a rule I'm supposed to follow it to the letter.

    I'm cutting back on caf
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  • I hate the inactivity. With DS I was putting up Christmas lights and installing his car seat a day before he was born. Now with bed rest hopefully ending Thurs, I just want to get out and walk! I've been a bad patient and since everything is looking good,

  • I'll be honest, I cheated today. I'm allowed to walk and all that but when we went walk out and catch my horses for friends to ride, I did a bit of ground work with my gelding who was refusing to release his hind end on command. All it was was walking

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