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Is it just me....?

Or is everyone else out of breath when walking? I get out of breath SO easily now.  I park across the street at work and have to walk up the street which is on a tiny incline, then up about 15 stairs, and when I am done I am SO out of breath. 

When I walk up the stairs to get to my bedroom, I am out of breath.  If I have to do that two times in a row, I have to sit down for a minute.

Please tell me it's not b/c I am THAT out of shape! I mean, sure, I was never in GREAT shape to begin with (I was thin, but not in good shape), but this is ridic!

Yesterday, while walking through the mall, me and some other pregger lady were passing one another, both wobbling around, and looked at each other knowingly.  She was in the WALKING SUCKS club for sure.

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