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Update- eye rolling, any seizure moms out there?

Well, my daughter was doing some head dropping and eye rolling to the back of her head once or twice a day since last Sunday, then yesterday, she did it 30 times, that we documented.  We caught several on film, and went to the ER.  We are waiting to hear back from our doctor about an EEG.  I am so scared right now- it is awful.  She had 2 episodes this morning already.  They seem to be getting worse, very fast.  Can anyone out there tell me if they have ever had the episodes or seizures happen so quickly?  Is there any way they would go away?  I know that is a question that no one can answer, but I am in an awful state right now.  I can't stop crying, and my DH said I needed to be strong for the kids, because I am having a horrible effect on them.  I just can't help it.  I am thinking of worst case scenarios, and I know I shouldn't, but when they (whatever they is) are happening so fast all of a sudden, I can't help it.  Please, is there anyone out there who can help me?  I am writing this through tears, and I need help.  Please. Help me.
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Re: Update- eye rolling, any seizure moms out there?

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