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Swaddling and moving

I know they say to stop swaddling when baby can roll. DD has rolled a couple times from belly to back, but she definitely can't do it consistently. And she can't roll from back to belly at all. However, the past three mornings in a row I've found her in different positions in the crib than where we put her! She must be scooting along like an inchworm or something. Yesterday she had moved all the way to the other end and was pressed up against the side (I was super glad I don't have crib bumpers!). This morning, she had turned all the way around so that she was upside down and in the middle of the crib. 

So now I'm getting a little worried. I'm afraid to stop swaddling, because she sleeps so much better that way. But if she's moving around like that, it seems like it would be safer to stop. Thoughts? 

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