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natural with multiples.

Hi all! I wanted to ask a quick question for anyone who went (or plans to go) natural with twins or multis.   From what I've been reading, twins OFTEN end in a CS because the second twin is in a breech or transverse position.   I'm in a very rural area where EVERYONE goes for the epidural and Docs often push it.  There are literally NO doulas or midwives here.   I was living in a city when I had my daughter and I delivered her naturally with a midwife.  

I'm starting to get nervous about the idea of going natural with these two but I also hate the idea of an epi.  I know others must have done this successfully so I guess I'm just looking for encouragement.

Also, as I get closer to the end,  is there anything I should be doing to get them BOTH into a good birthing position?

Re: natural with multiples.

  • Try some exercises at

    I've never had multiples, but I feel like after you birth one (the one that is head down and in position) that the other would be likely to flip since there's room.  I don't know if this is actually

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  • I've known several women who had natural births with twins so it is possible!  Just don't let the doctors discourage you.  More than likely the second twin will be breech since there really isn't much room for both of them to be head down, bu

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  • Check out this blog, Birthing Without Fear.  I have a singleton pregnancy, but the most impressive thing I've seen posted in a while was this Vaginal Hospotal Birth of Triplets post:

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  • My mom had my twin brothers naturally.

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  • Have you talked to your doctors to find out under what circumstances they would encourage a vaginal delivery.  For example, what happens if baby A is head-down and B is breech?  

    The woman I used to nanny for had her twins med-free. &nb

  • No personal experience here, but I think this depends on your provider. Some providers insist on automatic c/s. My provider says vaginal delivery with multiples is just fine as long as first baby is head-down.  After first baby is born, second can mo
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  • Ooh, that's a tricky situation because a lot rides on the confidence of your providers. The question isn't can you do it - because I am confident under the right circumstances any of us can - the question is really what are the risks of trying if thing

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  • I had my twins naturally in the hospital.  I think what the PP said about whether or not YOU can do it or your PROVIDER is willing to go for it is totally true.  I had to search a little while to find an OB willing to do a breech extraction (

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