Baby b is not sttn rant

Baby a started Sttn every night about 2 weeks ago. It's been heaven. But now it's like baby b is trying to make up for it by getting up 2-3 times. They were both down to 1x before. Ugh.  

They know how to fall asleep alone, but this kid just hasn't gotten the memo about going back to sleep in the middle of the night without nursing.


the hard part is that I've got the 2 yr old in there with the boys.  (He has been for almost a month now. he stays in bed better and goes to sleep better in a room with other kids).  Having  baby b CIO just doesn't seem fair to the others. And what if he wakes them up.  Ugh.


should I move him into a separate room?   He's a whole lb+ lighter than his bro but he was nearly 15 lbs at our 6-7 mo appt. they are almost 8 months now.

Re: Baby b is not sttn rant

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    Give it a couple of days or so.. I'd bet he's just having a little growth spurt.  I know it's hard but if It doesn't correct itself in a week.. THEN start considering seperating him for a CIO session in the night
  • I agree with PP, give it a few days and see if he goes back to his regular routine. That said, if he does and you want to sleep train to break his 1x per night habit and feel he will wake the others by CIO, then you may want to move him anyway.
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  • Growth spurt.  At least I'm pretty sure.  He only woke up for a super quick feed last night and is now almost 4 hours into a nap.  It has to be a growth spurt with all of this sleeping. 
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