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Can't sleep..

My due date was this past Thursday, and I am scheduled to be induced tomorrow at 5pm. I know I should be getting as much rest as possible right now, but my mind won't slow down. I'm not really nervous though I'm not 100 thrilled about being induced.. I guess I can't stop thinking about how much things are going to change. This is baby 2, so I've been through this before... But DS1 is 25 months old, and I'm having a lot of anxiety about how things are gonna go with DS2. It's just fear of the unknown, I wreckon. DH is sound asleep right now and I couldn't be more jealous. On a side note, I've had a few contractions tonight, though they are pretty spread out still.. Hoping they kick into high gear in the morning and I won't need to be induced at all!! A girl can dream, right?? Well, thanks for letting me rant!

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