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Pregnant after Ectopic Pregnancy

Hi all I got a positive HPT yesterdaymy husband and I are thrilled; however I had an ectopic pregnancy in Feb and I lost a Fallopian tube. I did get the green light to try again from my OBbut I'm just terrified. For what it's worth, I never got a positive test or missed a period before my Fallopian tube burstso things seem a bit different this time aroundanyone have a similar experience?

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  • I don't have a similar experience but wanted to let you know the Pregnant after a Loss board is a great place if you need advice and the comfort of people who have been there. I'm sorry for your loss and congrats on your BFP!
  • I was lurking from the October board, but I also lost a Fallopian tube before this pregnancy, and was a nervous wreck that it would be ectopic again but with my ectopic I was in excruciating pain and knew something wasn't right from the very beginning. Th
  • Hi
    I didn't lose a tube but this is my first pregnancy since our ectopic in December. I was so worried its hard trying not to get excited once you've cracked some thing you have waited month on month for and wished each period
  • Thanks everyone!! I'm sure everything is finebut definitely calling the doctor today!
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  • Yes. I had a similar experience. My ectopic was in January and I also lost my right tube. We started trying again and immediately got pregnant. I may not be fully emotionally healed from everything my DH and I went through but the fear of waiting longer t
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  • I had an ectopic 5 months ago.  Luckily, we caught it really early and I didn't lose a tube, but I do have scaring on that tube.  I also still have occasional sharp pains on that side.  Because of the ectopic, I had blood drawn every other
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    Pregnancy was ectopic and terminated on December 8th
  • Your situation and decsison to try again sounds sooooooo similar to minepositive thoughts to you.
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    I don't have a similar experience but wanted to let you know the Pregnant after a Loss board is a
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  • I'm sorry I don't have any experience with a missing tube, but I wanted to say congratulations, and welcome to the board!!!

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