Not getting along

Over the past few months I feel like my DH and I have become horrible communicators with each other. Everyday seems to bring some type of bickering over something silly, that then snowballs into unrelated topics, and then escalates into a fight. By the time we are done with our argument we are both mad and it's never even about the original thing we were bickering over, which also is normally not that big of a deal.

Not that this an excuse, but I know we are both extra stressed out thinking about next month when he leaves for 6 months. He has a lot on his plate at work right now and I'm overwhelmed imagining taking care of DS on my own for such a long period of time.

There really isn't a point to this post, I guess, mostly just a vent. Maybe some words of wisdom on communication strategies? I just hate that we are being so mean to each other lately and I know in a month I'm going to wishing he was here and wishing we hadn't spent his last month fighting over silly things. I just feel like we're on this snowball of fighting that we can't seem to stop.

Thanks for listening. I think I needed to just get it out there.


Re: Not getting along

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