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Pumping at work?

Anyone still pumping at work? As I posted before I started a new two day a week gardening job. Lucas is still bfing on demand while we're together and won't take a bottle. So I need to pump at least once a day for relief.

So for those who still pump how much to you get how often are you pumping and how much does lo drink while your gone?

It seems silly to start pumping at almost a year but were not ready to be done bfing so Ill do it.
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Re: Pumping at work?

  • I am still pumping at work, but can't wait to be done with it. I go to work really early, 5:45, and my daughter sleeps through the night, so since she gets a bottle when she wakes up, I pump right when I get to work, about 6:30ish. I pump a total of 12 ou
  • My days vary widely since I'm a resident and may just have clinic or may be on call for 28 hours. When LO is with me, he feeds on demand, usually at least 8x/day and doesn't sleep more than 3 hour stretches at night. For DH he takes a 3-4oz bottle at 6am,
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  • I'm still pumping. I pump twice a day (10:30 and 2), although today i'm planning on going down to one. I get 5oz am pump and 4oz pm pump. Ds takes 2 bottles at DC; a 3oz one around noon and a 5oz one around 3.
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  • Abby stopped taking bottles at daycare about 2 months ago. She now just gets breast milk mixed in her cereal for lunch and she will drink a little bit out of a cup. I used to pump three times but since she doesn't need more than 4 ounces when

  • I'm starting to decrease pumping sessions but still pumping 1-2x/day.  I've been pumping 12 or so ounces in that time. My LO takes 15 ounces every day at daycare, but I have freezer stash. 

    My plan is to be done w/ pumping by her 1 yea

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  • My LO turned a year this weekend, so today is my first day of not pumping at work! Still going to continue nursing morning, night and nap time on the days I'm with him.
  • I think next week will be my last week pumping at work. I'll still nurse morning/evening/on demand on weekends (if my supply holds up). I have a freezer stash that will last a few months.

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