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3 months to go, and I have NOTHING! Help?

 HELP? Like the title says I'm 25 weeks pregnant, with a girl and I have NOTHING for her and no family to speak of for help getting anything I need. I have a 2 year old boy, but all of his stuff was sold at a yard sale last summer (thinking I was done with babies) {{{kicking myself}}} even his crib is gone, but that thing was junk so I wouldn't use it again anyway, it felt unsafe. I'm from Boston, but live in Manchester now. I don't know anyone, so as far as adult conversation..that's a joke. I don't know any other Mom's.. OK I'm getting off topic here- scatter brain.  Where was I going with this..oh yeah, help with getting necessities, all things that a baby girl needs, from nursery stuff to clothing. issue is (and this is extremely embarrassing to admit, but ever since my fiance' lost his job and his customers (due to his former boss making some very poor decisions), I am broke. OK there, I said it. I was raised to never ask for anything for myself, so this is very hard, but I am asking for help for this baby (who didn't even ask to be here). I'm terrified that she will be born, brought home from the hospital to nothing. Of course I never wanted 'second hand' stuff for my baby, but now I see I can't be picky. So if anyone can help with a list of places that either donate free baby items, or sell them very cheap, please send me a personal message or reply to this post. I greatly appreciate any and all help or suggestions. Thanks for taking the time to read this. ~Janell

Re: 3 months to go, and I have NOTHING! Help?

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