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Induction question- Cervadil?

I'm being induced Tuesday at 5am.  I'm already 3 cm dilated, but the nurse said that I would come in Monday at noon and have Cervadil placed.  Then I'll go home and come back in the morning.  I thought that you only needed Cervadil if your cervix was not favorable.  I asked the nurse about it and she said that most of the time they still do Cervadil.  I would rather not have it if I don't need it.

Does anyone have any experience with this? 

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Re: Induction question- Cervadil?

  • I agree with you. I was induced with my last baby and went in at 3cm and they just used pitocin and he was born 4 hrs later.

    I had my last ob appt on Friday, and I am 3cm again and will be induced tomorrow and she told me no cervadil, just s

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  • That was my impression, too favorable cervix = no need for cervadil.

    And for what it's worth, I went in to be induced 4/11, I was only 2 cm dilated had a great induction. Kinda long for a 2nd birth: pit started at 8:00 a.m., baby here at 6:
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  • I have had a few friends who have gone in for inductions and only needed the cervadil to go into full labor. So maybe that is why they are placing the cervadil? Because you may not need the pitocin?


    Good luck!  

  • I was not dilated at all when I was induced, so I got cervadil. It was enough to get things going for me.




  • I was induced w my 3rd child via cervidil. I was 3cm dialated when I got the cervidil placed at 530 am. I have birth at 11:30 am. Never needed pitocin
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  • I am 2-3 cm dilated, and my OB said that if she were to induce me, she wouldn't need to use Cervadil, she would just break my water.  I haven't decided whether we will go that route, so I didn't inquire about any specifics.
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  • I was on it now I am on pitocin. I did not have favorable cervix hence I needed it. GL!
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  • I guess it depends on your Bishop score, which takes into account not just dilation but also cervical effacement, consistency, position, and the baby's station. You may be 3cm but still have an unfavorable Bishop score, making Cervadil appropriate -eh?
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  • I'm currently on it right now. Wish I was allowed home. :0/ 

  • Thanks ladies. I will follow up with the nurse this morning.
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