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Hey ladies!

I've been lurking on this board for quite awhile and am so thankful to have such a great resource to refer to!

I did cloth with my first daughter, but she will be nine in July so I feel like I am starting all over again. Also, I did prefolds and covers with her. This time, I've purchased all pocket diapers and have spent the last week or so trying to settle on an initial wash routine so that I can start prepping my stash.

I thought that I had decided on using Charlie's Soap on a regular basis with Original Tide used once in awhile to shake things up and put a stop to any build up. So, I purchased Charlie's Soap... THEN, I came across all the negative reports of baby bum burns due to Charlie's Soap. I liked the idea of using a natural soap, but I'm really beginning to think I'll just start with Original Tide and see how it goes. Any thoughts on this? Any believers in Charlie's Soap that think I should give it a chance?


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Re: Charlie's Soap Dilemna

  • I've used Charlie's since I started CDing 9 months ago and haven't had an issue with rashes, build up, or anything really. I feel like the Charlie's works great for us and keeps our diapers nice and clean. 

    I had the same concern after readi


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  • DS will be 2 on Tuesday and we have been using Charlies soap since he was 2 months.  We have never had a problem with rashes from it, nor have we had build up or stink issues.  I do keep Tide on hand, but use it very rarely, when I wait too long
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  • We used Charlies for almost 18 months, but switched to Tide when buildup got to be a problem. DD2 is due this month, we will stick with Charlies, but probably use Tide every once in a while to offset build up issues.
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  • We used Charlie's with DD1 and used for all laundry then and since, and will for this LO (and continue for all ours as well). Never had irritation issues or build up issues. For diapers I wash once cold with Charlie's, then once hot with Charlie's. when I
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  • I am one of those who has a LO who had a bad reaction to Charlie's Soap. He has sensitive skin to begin with, but after the first use he had a deep red blotchy rash that was raw in a few places.

    Although it obviously didn't work for us, I think

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  • Thanks, all! I really appreciate all the info. I  I guess I have a new question now: If you do use Charlie's, do you use it with all your laundry or just your cd loads?
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