18 month old twins not talking

Hi All,

Wondering if anyone else had this issue with their ID twins.  Our girls just turned 18 months and are still not saying anything.  Occasionally one might kind of say 'Hi' and they do a few animal sounds when prompted, but aside from that they really are not saying anything.  They babble 'mama' and 'dada' but don't say it to get our attention.  Both girls totally understand everything we are saying to them.  When asked to get a ball or bring something to us, they do it no problem. They point to things they want, to get out attention, etc.

 We brought them in for their 18 month visit and the Dr. said that if they are not saying anything in another month then we should bring them in for evaluation.  I don't have a problem doing that, but also don't want to jump the gun on anything.  I've spoken with some friends and a few have said their kids didn't say anything until near or after 2 years old.  I'm also not sure if maybe the identical twin thing has any affect on speech, etc.

 Any advice, similar experience that anyone could share is greatly appreciated.

Thanks :) 

Re: 18 month old twins not talking

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