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Eating every 3 hours - when?

Popping in from 0-3 :) I don't remember when my older DS started eating pretty regularly, every 3 hours or so. When did your little ones start to get on a "schedule?"


My little man at 0-1-2
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Re: Eating every 3 hours - when?

  • We're not exactly there yet. I breastfeed on demand, so some days it's every 2-3 hrs. Some days it's more or less. When he does a bottle when I'm gone, I'd say he goes about 2 1/2 - 3 hrs now. He'll be five months on Monday. Sorry I'm not more helpful ;)
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  • DS started eating every 3 hours around 4-5 weeks. He has been very consistent with that since. He's 3 months and eats 4oz every 3 hours while awake and wakes up once to eat at night (though it took him until about 10 weeks before he only ate once during t

  • My son switched from every 2 hours to every 3 hours (BF) around 3.5 months old. He's stuck to every 3 hours since, which is a nice break for mommy. :)
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  • We're still at around 1.5-2 hours during the day and 2 1/2 - 3 hours during the night at 4 months... I EBF though and DD developed a preference for the side with less milk (I think my let down and flow were, and still are, too fast for her on the one side
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    Popping in from 03 : I don't remember when my older DS started eating pretty regularly, every 3 hours or so. When did
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