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Lately I've been irritated with the way my H is handling the "I'm Sorry's" in our house.


Kids like to play Power Rangers and Ds2 hits Ds1 on the head with a drum stick.  Ds1 is bigger (8) but clearly in pain and crying.  Ds 2 (2.5) thinks it's funny.

Dh's response:

Dh: "Hey boys!  We don't hit!"
(Hugs Ds1)

Ds2, do we hit?  ... No, we don't hit our brother.  What do you say?

Ds2: Sowry

Dh: Give Ds1 a hug.

(reluctant hug)

Now Ds1 tell Ds2 "It's Ok"

Ds1 (still upset and sad) It's ok.


Maybe because it's my training in that campus daycare (where the teachers modeled the Thank yous, Pleases, I'm sorry's etc and were not allowed to "make" the child say them) , but it grates on my nerves that Dh tells the "victim" to say It's OK, when it clearly is not OK and Ds1 is still upset. 

Figuring out an appropriate response is slightly awkward though.  Does "Thank you" work instead? 

So what do you make your kids say to the person that hurt them if the child says "I'm sorry"?  



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