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Breastfeeding/Formula help needed

My baby was born Monday night and we were released from hospital on Wed.  Baby had jaundice level of 8 so we had to go for blood work on THur.  Level was then at a 9.  The dr wasnt too concerned and told me a few things to try.  One was putting her in front of the window in diaper to get sunlight.  The other was to follow each breastfreeding session with a 1oz bottle of formula.  The dr said that peeing/pooping was the best way to get the jaundice levels down.  Thursday and Fri baby girl seemed to do ok with this.  Today her little tummy has been torn up.  Pooping all the time and very cranky.  I really want to breastfeed exclusively for at least 4 months but am doing what dr told me to do.  Has anyone else been told to do this?  I'm afraid she is going to get confusd between the two feeding sources and stop breastfeeding.  Any advice?  While we're at it....I'm still up with a very upset baby....what is a good way to help her belly feel better?
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Re: Breastfeeding/Formula help needed

  • Is there a reason you can't just feed her more breast milk? I think either would work the same.

    As for a sick baby, all you can do is try and comfort them. : I would for sure quit the formula with how she is reacting to it. Make sure you fee
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  • Formula b/c milk hasnt come in yet.
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  • The LCs at the hospital where I delivered had me pumping before my milk came in, both to encourage my milk to come in earlier and to feed to my LO. We didn't have jaundice issues, but did have significant weight loss issues from day one. If you can, pum
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  • I had same situation..dr told me to do formula also but if I really wanted to BF was just fine to..just keep baby eating. We went back 4 days later after first visit and she was fine
  • I had the same issue with my son. I pumped after every single feeding for at least 10 minutes and we would supplement him with breast milk. This also helped to increase my milk supply. Good luck!
  • When my son had jaundice my doctor told me to keep feeding as well but not to feed formula. I breastfed and she knew that. I was told to keep pushing the breastfeeding not to use formula. What would be the point? (unless you want to which is different)

  • I don't have advice on how to make her feel better =(  but... with my daughter she had jaundice, and lost too much weight, so we had to supplement with formula after each BF session.  We only had to do this for about 2 days and her jaundice
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  • I also had to supplement with formula...the first day was rough on his stomach and he has a lot of gas and discomfort but his system adjusted, there systems just handle breast milk better that's all :)  Good luck!
  • It's a common recommendation to introduce formula in the event of jaundice, but it's really unnecessary in the majority of situations.  Jaundice is somewhat normal and it can go away on its own with breastfeeding alone.  Personally, I would just
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  • We had to do this and she had to get her blood tested every day for the first four days to check her levels. I would feed her, then DH would give some formula while I pumped. We have had no issues and she continues to take two bottles a day of BM from my
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  • DS2 had jaundice as well. He was given formula because my milk hadn't come in. He found out that it was so much easier to take a bottle. Now I'm stuck pumping because he refuses to BF. I'vemet with sseveral LCs but he's stubborn. He can BF he just doesn't
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  • We have had to supplement for jaundice with both of my kids, and haven't had a problem with nipple confusion or preferring the bottle. Just make sure to pump a little after each feeding to encourage your body to produce.  Lots of times DD didn't even

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  • Our little one was highly jaundiced when she was born. We had to supplement for the first week as she was under the billy blanket and eventually in an incubator as her levels weren't coming down. The supplementation was to keep her hydrated and to help he
  • My DS is 1 month old today. He was born at 8lb 0oz on a Thursday and we went home on Saturday. That Monday he had his first checkup and was down to 6lb 10oz and the doctors were concerned because that was too much weight lost and he was very jaundiced.

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