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Good or Bad Idea? Opinions needed!

I was thinking of this today and wondered if any of you ladies have ever done anything like this? I think its a smart idea, just don't know if I'm the first to think of it or not, wanted to run it by all of you first!

I will start with today I got my BFP for baby#2!!! Super excited and due sometime around December 24th going by my LMP (though with my history would most likely be early December):)

Anyway, I have read for the longest time (on here and other mommy sites) that many moms stockpile diapers for their new baby during their pregnancy (which I'm def already planning on doing!).

I was wondering, along the same lines, if anyone ever stock piled formula during pregnancy, you plan on using it? Hear me out...I know what you're thinking, that every baby takes a different type of formula (usually...we got lucky with our DD on only the second formula we tried with her! I hear that rarely happens though!)- but what if you bought ahead all during pregnancy of a certain kind of formula (or I guess you could buy different kinds, but I was thinking of just buying one kind) and then if it didn't work for your baby once s/he is born, couldn't you just take it back, return and exchange it for the correct type of formula?

What made me think of this is that the first 6 months of DD's life, the formula she was on (similac sensitive) was a certain price and then it jumped up in price once she hit 6 months old...I was thinking, well what if I bought a ton of formula now, say the price jumps in December, then wouldn't I potentially be unaffected b/c of buying it all in advance, even if I needed to return it all and get a store credit or something (like at Target or Wal Mart)?

Please let me know your thoughts, have you done anything like this, did it work out for you, and do think this would be a good idea or a bad idea for me to do? I have absolutely no desire to breast feed, and want to get the best deal on formula while I can, ahead of time!! Most of them don't expire til really far out, so I don't think it would be an issue to go ahead and get a bunch now...

Thanks for any insight!:) 

Re: Good or Bad Idea? Opinions needed!

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