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Rash on DD's hip.

 So, Dd had a rash on her leg/hip.  I posted a pic to my mom's FB group and everyone said excema.  A few days later, I had an unrelated pedi appt and I casually asked about it and she unhesitatingly said yeast.  DD was a little reddish in her diaper area too, so I treated for yeast. Started w/ nystatin to both diaper area and leg. No improvement in 2 days (in fact significant worsening, so i switched to lotrimin.  Diaper area has cleared up 100%.  Rash on leg is still the same. No improvement at all.  

I'm at a loss. DD scratched at it at every diaper change. I'm still applying lotrimin 3X a day.  I'm also lotioning it or applying some diaper cream hoping to soothe it.  

Think it was yeast in the first place? Excema? 

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Re: Rash on DD's hip.

  • What we noticed with our DD's diaper rash is that not all creams are created equally. We went through 4 different creams before we found one that worked with her skin (even zinc oxide couldn't clear it up). You could always try a different type of anti-fu
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