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Let's Brag!

I know we are all proud mommy's, but anything you are especially proud of that you want to brag about?

For me, I set the goal of EBF until 6 months but honestly doubted myself. LO will be 4 months next week and we are still going strong!

Also, LO has been sleeping well in his crib for over a month now and no longer uses a paci, but I don't get any credit there because he did both things easily and without us using any type of system... It just kinda happened!

BFP #1: 05/2012 DS born 12/30/12

BFP #2: 02/2014 Natural M/C 03/2014 @ 7 weeks

BFP #3: 06/2014 EDD: 02/17/2015 M/C @ 7w2d, D&E 7/15/14

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Re: Let's Brag!

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