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Let's Brag!

I know we are all proud mommy's, but anything you are especially proud of that you want to brag about?

For me, I set the goal of EBF until 6 months but honestly doubted myself. LO will be 4 months next week and we are still going strong!

Also, LO has been sleeping well in his crib for over a month now and no longer uses a paci, but I don't get any credit there because he did both things easily and without us using any type of system... It just kinda happened!

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Re: Let's Brag!

  • Neither of the things I can brag about are due to me in particular, but I know that I am a very lucky woman and that I couldn't ask for a better family.

    I'm proud to have such a super happy baby. All the pictures I post of him on Facebook featur

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  • I'm blessed with a great sleeper. DD has been STTN for a couple weeks but even before that she was giving us 8 to 9 hour stretches for a long time. She has always slept in her crib like a champ and is at the point she can put herself to sleep. Sooo gratef


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  • I'm also grateful for my DD who's been STTN since she was about 3wks old. She's been In her crib for all her naps and bed time since 5wks. I'm proud of myself for nursing this long and hope to continue till she's 1. She's starting to get rid of her pacifi
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  • This week I've been super proud if the progress we've made with tummy time. I thought he'd never pick his head or chest up but all of a sudden he is doing it like a champ.

    I'm also really proud of myself for EBF this long. I persevered throu
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  • I'm super excited DS STTN and has been since he was 6 weeks! And like a PP said DS is a really happy baby. He rarely cries or fusses. I feel so blessed!
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  • Well, she is STTN in her crib which is great. She kinda just naturally fell into a schedule on her own.

    Even though I had a C-section, we did great with breastfeeding and I am happy that I managed to keep it up this long.

    She hates pacifi

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  • I definitely can't believe we're still breastfeeding. I set a goal of 6 months but it's definitely been such a challenge I've almost given up twice but couldn't bring myself to do it! 

    DD isn't a good sleeper though so we're working on that,

  • I was just filling out the 4 mos. development survey for our next pedi appt. and am so proud if my little guys progress! I think he's catching up fast!
  • DD doesn't really mind tummy time! Maybe after 15 min? But most of the time she is cool to hang out. We did roll over 4 times around 2 months from tummy to back but haven't since. Mobile frowny face. She does almost attempt to crawl though! It's hilarious
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    This week I've been super proud if the progress we've made with tummy time. I thought he'd never pick his head or

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    DD is 3.5 months old and has only cried once. When we took to long to get home to eat and she cried in the car. She grunts a lot when she wants to eat, but is sooo quiet and happy. It's strange.

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  • I kept two LOs alive for 4 months!! In all seriousness, though, I am proud of how much I have learned and how I've gotten them on a schedule....has made my life SO much easier! I am also proud that I have BFed them both, learned how to tandem nurse, and,
  • DD is so smiley! And she holds her head up really well while I'm holding her. And she's great at baby situps. I'm also proud of hubby, slightly off topic, because he found a way to get rid of her cradle cap and it actually worked!!! Olive oil and a comb,
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  • my lo sleeps through the night in her crib doesnt fuss hardley at all rolls over front to back and can sit up. she loves to babble and uses vocal cues to get our attention. i just love her!!! everything she does im proud of! shes 14 pounds and 24" !!!!!!!
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