Hi all-

I've been lurking for quite some time but thought it was about time I come out of hiding and hope you ladies will have me!

DH and I were TTC, had a miscarriage after a year, went through 3 rounds of clomid and were even told on the 3rd round it would also not be successful.  Then we had a huge surprise on the due date of our miscarried baby when I got another BFP on that 3rd cycle of clomid. Had a perfect heart beat at our 1st ultrasound and then a week later thought I was miscarrying again.  Instead, we were surprised to find not only baby still had a strong heart beat, but I had a little stow away in there too.  :)

We are having Boy/Girl twins due May 29th, although I don't expect to get that far. 

I had a bit of a PTL scare at 30 weeks,6 days when I was admitted to the hospital for contractions and my cervix had shortened significantly.  I was there for 4 days, got the awful mag drip, 2 steroid shots, and was released on bed rest, where I am now, anxiously awaiting meeting my 2 little ones!

I've enjoyed lurking on the board and everyone here seems so supportive, so I hope to join in as well!

TTC #1 since February 2011
BFP #1 1/14/12 EDD 9/24/12 m/c at 8w4d on 2/20/12
March 2012- Dx with PCOS, started metformin
July 2012- SA completely normal

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