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How much does your husband help? *vent*

Okay ladies, how much do your husbands help out with LO?  Do they take a shift or feeding at night? Watch him so you can shower/eat/get out of the house for a bit? My husband is usually pretty good, in that he takes a shift at night so I can get 3 hours of sleep (LO refuses to sleep other than in our arms so we can't sleep at the same time).  He also has been taking care of a lot of errands, and making dinner when I cannot put LO down. He is really irking me today though!  I have literally not left our house since LO was born, other than for his two doctors appointments, and one dinner with friends last week that lasted under two hours.  My husband was horrible when I got home, acting so put out that LO was fussy and he hadn't been able to relax.  Welcome to my world.  Anyway, I tried to leave again today to run an errand - specifically, to fill a prescription.  I was gone 45 minutes, and it was soooo nice to be out by myself for even that length of time!  When i got home, my husband was horrible again, whining and complaining thta he couldnt get anything done while I was gone.  This despite the fact that he is out drinking with friends constantly (just a beer or two, but he comes and goes freely, several times a week), going to sporting events, and doing his Masonry stuff (weekly meetings, etc).  I generally don't complain about it. Today though the imbalance is really really irritating me - mostly because of the attitude he gave me on my two brief trips out. He believes that the child should presumptively be with me, and that while he can come and go as he pleases, I can't go out even to run an errand without LO without giving him several days notice.  I am so irritated by this right now! I love LO and I acknowledge that I am on mat leave and he is still working, but in my view that doesn't mean I am solely responsible for the child in the evenings and on weekends too!  I don't mind having him most of the time, or even almost all of the time -  but I should be able to get out briefly by myself once in a while, no?

 Can anyone relate? How much do your husbands help out?  

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Re: How much does your husband help? *vent*

  • I can't complain as my husband certainly helps out but I can definitely relate in the sense that you're frustrated.  I think it's easy to walk an hour or two in our shoes, but I tell my husband to try even a week, and then tell me how he's fe

  • Mine helps but our work load for LO is not even CLOSE to equal. I get crazy annoyed because any time I want to have a shower, do a bit of cleaning, or run an errand without LO, he tells me to hurry. Ugh. I want to relax and not ave to rush!!! So annoying.

  • My hubs has been doing an OK job helping out, though I have had to talk to him a few times, mainly about helping get LO back to sleep at night. I am EBF, so he can't help with that. But when he would wake up at night and see me struggling with a fussy

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    My hubs has been doing an OK job helping out, though I have had to talk to him a few times, mainly about helping ge

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  • My husband is pretty good. He does take a feeding at night and will watch her while I shower etc. I'd say the only thing is he gets frustrated easily when she's crying or won't go back down after her bottle. He's learning to be more patient but its taking
  • My DH helps out, IF I ASK HIM TO. That's the annoying thing. But when I do ask he doesn't complain. But I understand what you mean about when you go out and get back, how he is frustrated. The two times I have gotten out without LO, when I returned, he lo
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  • My DH kicks me out of the house once a weekend. I think he adjusted to the fact she can be fussy because the feeding he became responsible for ...between 8 and 12...fell in her witching hour. Then I took over after midnight. However she's dropped any feed
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    DH helps out fairly well. He gets up at every feeding at night to change the diaper (DS has only ever gotten up once or twice at night though) and when he gets home in the evening, he'll help with a bottle and hold him to cuddle. What really gets me is wh

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  • My DH helps out quite a bit. When he is home it's pretty 50; 50 for us. He gets up with her in the night since we EP and feeds her. Then I only need to get up to pump. She only gets up about 12 times a night. So we each are getting up once.
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  • This is SO my husband!  I went to the gym yesterday morning and was gone maybe an hour and a half.  My husband was all beside himself when he got home because the baby fussed the whole time and all he wanted to do was play video games.  I'd
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    My DH helps out, IF I ASK HIM TO.

    This is my DH. He'll do whatever I ask, but I

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