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Fast milk flow

My DS is almost 4 weeks. I'm Exclusively breast feeding. I pump abt 3 oz in 5 minutes from 1 breast. i have an over supply of milk, a really fast flow, a heavy/fast let down, which happens every few minutes during a feeding, and my chuggggalug keeps up with the flow. Which then results in massive amounts of spit up/vomitwhat's the diff? and it is sometimes projectile n comes out his nose. This happens at every feeding. He literally spits everything he up. I have been trying different techniques... Lessening the length of feeding, removing DS dur let down, laying down to nurse, etc. i dhould also tell u i gave implants, not sure if that had something to do with it. these techniques have def improved the projectile vomiting. As of yesterday the techniques helped a little. He started to have less pee n poop diapers which made me a nervous. Today thd pee n poop diapers havd increased. Has anyone had this experience? Does anyone know of other ways to slow down my flow ? Thanks

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