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Just for fun...

What kinds of activities would you like your LO to be involved in in the future?

DH likes to think DD will be a basketball star :P

I would like her to start swimming lessons as early as possible (we'll probably look into a water babies course after she's 6 months old) and take them until she's a fairly proficient swimmer.  In a perfect world, she would also take piano lessons (or maybe another string instrument?) from an early age.  When she's old enough to start sports, we'll probably either introduce T-ball and/or soccer (since those typically have the youngest beginning times), but after that I want her to decide what she wants to play.

I'm a huge tomboy, and DH coaches high school sports... I joke with him that she'll probably want to be a ballerina, and then neither of us will know what to do haha!


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Re: Just for fun...

  • 1. I do NOT want her involved in T-ball/softball. I will let her, if she wants. I just find it soooo boring to watch.

     2. Above all, she better be a reader. ;-) 

    3. Band. She will take some lesson, even if it's piano outside of a


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  • My husband was a Phy Ed major and still stays really active, so he says as long as Alexandra is active he doesn't care what she does.

    Now what he actually means is he would love it if she was a hockey player, just like him.

     I was a d

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  • DH and I were both involved in sports and arts. We don't want her to be too busy though when young. We plan to start early with piano (mostly for the theory, and let her pick an instrument or do vocal later) and gymnastics (flexibility and athleticism so
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  • Early: swimming lessons for obvious reasons... gymnastics for strength, balance, and coordination... Tball/softball because I was on a softball feild for 20 of my 28 years so far (playing/coaching) and it might break my heart a little if

  • Depends on her interests; DH says maybe judo or akido. My parents had a rule of one activity at a time (both worked full time and it prevented all of us from being over scheduled). I'd think some kind of art, or sewing class; cooking classes since sh
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  • I have been dreaming of playing tennis w my lil guy since the day I bright him home. He can pursue whatever interests him tho. In a good way.

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  • I'd like DD to take swimming lessons but I don't see that happening until she's 3 or 4.  She's only recently started tolerating bath time, so I really doubt she would enjoy infant swim lessons.  I'd like her to take at least a few months of gymn
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  • Swimming lessons for sure (for safety reasons). Soccer most likely (DH loves it). I'd prefer if DS didn't play football until high school if he's interested in it - it just scares me. I'd love it if he wanted to play T-ball/baseball and basketball - both
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  • I'm actually going to sign up for Swim Babies today! 

    I want Lydia to pursue whatever her interests are! DH and I have talked about this quite a bit, mostly because his parents didn't allow him to participate in what he wanted (sports), but


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  • I would love Rory to play piano and we plan on putting him in lessons at 3. I also insist on baby swim lessons for safety sake so we will do those at 6 months. I would love him to love art because my DH is a very talented artist.<span style="font-size:


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  • I would love DS to be involved in some kind of team sport in high school but otherwise he will know Diesel engines inside out, be able to rebuild a truck from the tires up, hunting with both rifle and bow, and DH will insure he's hell on wheel on a dirt
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  • I'm taking him 'swimming' this week for the first time and will also be doing swimming lessons for safety's sake as we've just bought a house that backs onto a canal (they're super shallow, like 2-3 feet, but still).

     I play roller derby and

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  • We signed up for swimming lessons already too! We have a pool and it just makes me feel a little better, even though the "lessons" are not really teaching him to swim it is more of just a "mommy and me" class at his age.

    I'd like to think he'd

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  • DH and I think about this all the time! 

    I think she'll love to read because she grabs at books and loves it when DH reads to her, since the womb! She already loves music so she'll probably be in band like DH and I both were. My SIL teaches

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