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Baby on the outside - delivered at 34 weeks

 Owen was born on Monday, April 15 at 9:42 PM.  He was 34 weeks, 4 days - 4.2 pounds at birth and 17 1/4 inches long.  We were unable to contain my sudden onset pre-e, and delivered via c-section.  He's doing great - hoping we bring him home by next weekend.  He's BFing like a champ and meeting every milestone early, just needs to get a little more fat on his bones.  

FWIW, my spinal, c-section and recovery has been better than expected, and that's with a 36 hour magnesium drip!  Best of luck to all of you ladies and I can't wait to hear about all of your babies birthdays.  

 Here's a pic of my sweet boy!!


photo image_zps2a19ce21.jpg

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