Do all twin pregnancies need an MFM?

I am curious, are we as pregnant twin mama's supposed to have an MFM? I have just been seeing my regular OB. I am very interested to hear your feedback...
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Re: Do all twin pregnancies need an MFM?

  • I see both my regular OB and MFM. Sometimes your OBs knowledge goes so far and if (God forbid) something were to come up, it is best to have MFM familiar with you and your pregnancy. Sometimes women deliver earlier than expected and the hospital that y


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  • image Katiecooky:
    What's a MFM?

    Maternal Fetal Medicine


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  • I would thinks so as an MFM deals with a high risk pregnancy and carrying twins qualifies. I loved going to the MFM because I felt doubly secure and I saw my babies all the time on ultrasound there. The last 2 months of pregnancy I saw them twice a week a
  • I'm just at an ob, except for my a/s on the thirtieth.
    I'm also near a big hospital. So, the place my ob delivers out of has a level two plus nicu.
    My ob office is also used to high risk
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  • I never saw a MFM. I never had any complications to warrant one.
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  • I saw only my OB. I went to an MFM's tech for ultrasounds but my OB went over them with me. The MFM he works with is on the same block as my OB. My said he'd refer me to the MFM if I started having issues but I never had to go.
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  • I do not have an MFM but my OB is high risk and has experience with twin deliveries. 

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  • image ks3pink:
    I never saw a MFM. I never had any complications to warrant one.


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  • My OB and her practice specialize in high risk pregnancies. She has said she works closely with a MFM. However, despite being pregnant with twins, having done IVF, and being 39, she still thinks that I may not need to see an MFM. The way she explained
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  • mo/di and mo/mo pregnancies: yes, 100% need MFM monitoring

    di/di: I didn't have a di/di pregnancy, I would still consider it high risk but not in the same category as above.  My sister had di/di twins and went to an MFM plus her OB throughou

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  • My doctor is comfortable with twins, but I also have all of my ultrasounds through the hospital that I will deliver at.  They have MFMs that check the ultrasounds, and of course then they send they to my doctor to check over.  So, even though I
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  • I am only seeing my OB... BUT (1) My twins are di/di (2) My OB has a ton of experience with twin pregnancies (3) My OB is ordering extra monitoring like increased appointments, growth scans, BPPs... (4) My OB works out of the best hospital in the city wit
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  • I'm not seeing an MFM.  My OB has plenty of experience with twin pregnancies and follows a more robust protocol for them (more frequent ultrasounds, earlier GD testing, etc.).

    I am also "high risk" because of my age but so far there has been

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  • I have mono/di twins and have seen an MFM a few times but live in a small city and the MFM is 2 hours away so now my OB just consults with him and she sends him anything that seems off. I am confident in my ob and the hospital I will be delivering at.&nbs
  • Yes, they should.  Doesn't matter the type of twins because all twins are high risk pgs and should be treated as such.  Doesn't matter if the OB has high risk and/or twin experience.  It's not the same.  Doesn't matter if you

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  • I haven't yet, but will at some point soon.  I'm having mo/di twins so I know there's a risk of TTTS.  My OB has extensive high risk and twin pregnancy experience but we will see MFM at some point for more extensive monitoring
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  • I saw one and I am very, very happy that I did. Throughout my whole pregnancy the babies were perfect at every check. I went on bed rest because of a shortening cervix, but am OB could have easily put me on bed rest for that. 

    The reason tha

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  • I did not. Only saw my reg OB
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  • I am seeing my OB not an MFM.  I saw an MFM at 12 weeks for my ultrasound at that time.  The MFM said I did not need to see him unless I developed complications.  He consults with my OB on all their high risk cases weekly.  I am very c
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  • The only true high risk OBs are board certified MFMs. Period. As an OB. myself I only went to an MFM practice and they certainly kept my pregnancy going far past any regular ob would have. Just because a regular ob sees "high risk" patients and has exp
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  • I go to the MFM practice for u/s once a month but I don't actually see the doctor when I'm there, just the u/s tech. The MFM reviews the u/s results before they get sent to my OB. I did meet the MFM only because I decided to go with an amnio due to my age

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  • image ERMommy:
    The only true high risk OBs are board certified MFMs. Period. As an OB. myself I only went to an MFM practice and they c
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  • I had di/di (b/g) twins and just saw my regular OB. My regular OB has 20+ years experience though and is excellent. I knew she was capable of managing my twin pregnancy. She had me take my glucose test 2 wks early, gbs test 4 weeks early (she knew I'd del
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    I never saw a MFM. I never had any complications to warrant one.
    Same here.
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  • I'm not sure if you have to or not. I know that my obgyn has me seeing one and I love it. My high risk doctor is much more thorough, gives me a zillion ultrasound pictures (and color 3D ones..hooray!) and is so knowledgeable about twin pregnancy. Also, I
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  • I only saw an OB but she was high risk with experience in twin deliveries, besides being a mom of twins herself! The only real complication I had was GD and it was mild.
  • My Di/Di twins are monitored by both a high risk OB and a MFM.  The MFM came into the picture at 20 weeks and we've got no complications.  It makes me feel a lot better to have a second set of eyes and for my docs, it is normal for all twin preg
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