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Sunblock vs Sunscreen for babies

I was lurking on the Working Moms board and found the discussion of sunblock/sunscreen for babies interesting, especially the differences about "physical" blockers vs. "chemical" blockers and what is more safe for infants/children. 

I'm not too much of a stickler about organic things, etc. but I just wanted to pass along the info, because it's good to be informed about what we're putting on our children to be absorbed into their bodies... 

Here's a link someone posted about it - and I'm off to do some more of my own research, and buy some sunblock for the summer!



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Re: Sunblock vs Sunscreen for babies

  • image Scout2005: Excellent resource Sorry not clicky.

    That's the w


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  • I try to stick with sunblock, but to be honest, Coppertone Waterbabies works really well on my kid, so I use it. 
  • I've used Ocean Potion sensitive on LO and its been just fine.  my older sister has super sensitive/white skin and uses this like crazy too, and so far the couple times I've used it its just fine.

    I understand the skin sensitivity issue, but

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